How Do We Begin?

PT Bangun Delta Abadi or BDA Group is an importer specializing in interior building materials and distributing them throughout Indonesia. BDA Group’s distributors are spread across the archipelago, from Sabang to Merauke. Founded in the year of 1987, BDA Group is deeply committed in providing wide range of quality products such as granite tiles to sanitary wares.

In the year of 1990, BDA Group started its imported sanitary ware products such as water fittings and kitchen sinks from Japan and Taiwan, as well as ceramic tiles originating from Spain and Italy. Our company always grab opportunities that arise anywhere in the globe to develop and advancing in technological designs from other countries like China. The brands distributed for granite tile products are Cove and Viva and sanitary ware products are Valpra and Icepol.

BDA Group strives to provide not only a wide variety of products but also the best quality and design for each product we offer to every customer who wishes to build their dream home. BDA Group motto is that every customer deeply connects with our products and experience overwhelming satisfaction in building their dream home with Granite Tiles and Sanitary Ware Products from BDA Group.