The Company’s Inspiration is Simple: Back to Nature. We are inspired by what nature can offer.

BDA Group is inspired by the beauty of nature, such as marble stones and the essence of teak wood. We are aware that natural resources have limits, which is why our design team and product developers have turned to artificial products that do not deplete natural resources. These artificial products have a natural-like appearance that closely resembles the beauty of nature.

BDA Group also prioritizes ECO-Smart technology in every sanitary ware produced. This technology is used to save water, as it allows for high water pressure while reducing water waste. BDA Group strives to take care of the environment and preserve natural resources.

BDA Group also aims to provide not only a large variety of products but also the highest quality and design of each product we offer to every customer who wants to build their dream home. BDA Group wants every customer and the wider public to experience joy in owning their dream home with Granite tiles and Sanitary Ware from BDA Group.