Granite Composite

Granite Composite Sink is a mixture of Granite and Resin material composed of mainly granite to ensure its hardiness and sturdiness. This is a revolutionary technology that brings kitchen sink to another level. With many advantages provided by this type of sink, will definitely guarantee satisfaction to any dream kitchens.

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Heavy Duty transformed into Kitchen Sink

Granite Composite Sink has the sturdiest material known in the kitchen sink industry at the moment. What can be better than having this elegant and best durability of kitchen sink installed for your every kitchens? Not only our team experts collaborate with design experts to tailor each of your kitchen needs with various sizes, bowl sizes and colours, the materials are sourced from the most premium quality ensuring its long lasting use and almost impervious to any external damages on our granite sinks. Also featuring with high quality colour sink mixer, soap dispenser, basket, drainage waste saves you from any trouble of finding the necessary items to complete your kitchen needs. Having this kitchen sink set is exciting to share it with your loved ones and cherishing the moments in your dream kitchen is priceless.