Closet & Urinoirs

Icepol closet and urinals have various products with different designs to select from. Our closets have one piece or two piece models as well as minimalist design for its urinals with different designs to accodomate your beautiful toilets. All of Icepol closet and urinals have undergone strict production quality control as well as the Indonesian industry certificate to certify its quality.

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Enjoy Sculpted Functionality

The range of sanitary ware at BDA Group under the brand of Icepol represents the finest examples of a design ethos that seamlessly merges form and functions.

Produced by manufacturers with many years of experience, these sanitary wares provide a minimalist styling and sculptural intensity without detracting from robust performance. Ask our team experts if you need any assistance in planning the components of your renovations or new building. Select from your personal preferred sanitary wares for your upcoming beautiful bathrooms.