Eternum Series

Eternum series defines the eternal design of huge marble slabs with selections of from “time to time” classical designs now produced on bigger tiles which is suitable for vast spaces. The flatness and precision of every cut is second to none to marble slab and combined with spectacular designs of the tile will be a perfect substitute.

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The Perfect substitute for Natural Marble.

The Eternum Series provides the highest quality of technology and design for granite tiles developed by our professional research and development team collaborating with our very talented designers to produce one of the best series selections of granite tiles. Produced on a huge slab with the size of 90x 180 CM, this big slab of granite tile is the perfect subtitute for natural marble. Printed with the utmost beautiful marble designs with various colours, the timeless design of natural marble on this granite tile is second to none. Also to add to this series is its sturdiness and flatness so when it is placed on the floor, it will produce the best outcome with perfect flatness. The Eternum Series mimicks eternal design of natural marble presented for your beautiful homes!