Timeless Series

Timeless refers to the classical design of natural granite where it never gets old or forgotten by anyone and anywhere now being printed to artificial granite. The process requires many times of glazing the layers of tile to produce better clarity of the design and reducing the waviness therefore improving the flatness quality.

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Amazing on a different level!

Our Timeless series brings in the eternal essence of natural marble without comparison to anything really. The newest technology developed by our design experts bring this series to another level. The newest designs on this series with connecting patterns where the patterns are random but also connecting. This type of granite tiles are the closest substitute on natural marble we have to offer. With constant update on timeless designs we bring to your lovely homes, it is an absolute guarantee to love this type even more. Sourced from the premium quality of manufacturers and newest technology of connecting timeless pattern series, will bring a breath of fresh air to your dream home. Say goodbye to random and messy patterns!