Unique Series

Using the same digital printing technology like micro-crystal, the tile surface is printed with the most recent marble essence and colours. After printing process, the surface is glazed to protect the colours and essence. Althought not as dazzling as the micro-crystal, its uniqueness in colour and natural essence is comparable to the micro-crystal stone.

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Natural Essence on your Artificials

The unique series as the title suggests have the utmost beautiful natural designs on any of the granite tiles available on different sizes. With many and constant updates on natural marble designs, our design team experts will always come up with bright new ideas constantly bringing new designs on our granite tiles inspired from the natural marble out there. Aimed for better perfection yet, our experts will combine recent glazing technology on every tiles to bring out not only the natural essence on the granite but also the brightness and glossyness. This series is an exciting mix and splash of natural essence and designs, always developing and tirelessly innovating. What a perfect substitute to natural marble, don’t you think?