Carbon Fibre Basin Set

Valpra basin set introduces yet another new and innovative technology of carbon fibre made cabinets! Complete with versatile mirrors you can shift around, as well as very strong, solid and rigid surface coated with high quality pvc film surface to ensure its durability more than anything.

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Going into your bathroom in style

Our carbon fibre basin set is the newest technology available for its high endurance, scratch and corrosion resistant as well as heat resistant. In addition to all of these amazing traits, not only is this product very light compared to alumunium cabinets. Carbon fibre cabinets are so strong that is almost impervious to any hard contact / impact from any sharp objects.

For the top table basin, Valpra basin set provides top table quartz / sintered stone with its elegant and minimalist look. This quartz stone basin provides wide varieties of natural marble designs that ensure you going in the bathroom in style