Granite Wash Basin

Valpra Granite Wash Basin is created with mixture of Granite and composite material which is the perfect choice for any bathrooms with a broad range of colours to suit any design style. This is truly a revolutionary technology that elevates wash basins to another level.

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An Eternal Vibe for Every Bathroom

What more can someone ask to have an eternal vibe in their bathrooms? Our Valpra Granite Basin has all the requirements with its elegant design and sturdiness like no other. Created even harder and non porous than the conventional ceramic wash basins, this granite basin type will surely amaze anyone who use it on their bathrooms. With many colour options to choose and very hygienic properties, this is perfect for your bathroom. Our design team and RnD team experts collaborate tirelessly to develop this new models of wash basin, simple and elegant but impervious at its core.