Smart Closet

The biggest breakthrough of closet design and technology has been developed through Icepol Smart System Closet. With its sleek and elegant design, this smart closet series from Icepol provides maximum comfort to every users in their bathroom. Icepol Smart System Closet also comes with sophisticated complete bathroom functions that can be remotely controlled using wireless remote panel, promising a truly wonderful experience to its users.

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Futuristic Closet that Pampers your Bathroom Desires

Living in a globalized fast pace modern world, a huge trendshift to people’s lifestyles is inevitable desiring comfort more with less effort than ever before. People expect every objects to be automated or so to say “smart” with sophisticated functions that gives them maximum comfort to any living experience they can get their hands into such as smartphones, smart tv’s, smart lighting system, smart home appliances any many more. Everything can be controlled wirelessly, and even with voice automated sensors that truly makes us wonder whether we actually control these smart machines or they in fact control us? Making us very dependant on these “smart” appliances.

Nonetheless our team realized this trendshift and has answered our customers needs. Icepol Smart Closet integrates elegant design with the most advanced technology providing complete bathroom functions ranging from drying, automated open/close cover, temperature seat adjustment, temperature dryer adjustment, water adjustment, water control, rear/ front wash, automated flush of which all can be functioned and controlled through wireless remote panel that can be connected to the closet using bluetooth technology as well as it is also equipped with foot sensor for automated open and close seat cover. Our Research and Design team collaborate in developing this smart closet system to provide the utmost remarkable bathroom experience to every bathrooms.

In addition, all of this electrical functions will be protected by a small stopcontact electric circuit to protect this device from short circuit danger. Any electrical malfunction that arises will be backed up by our proffesional team of technicians hence the electrical/ mechanical parts will be guaranteed for a period of time. This Icepol futuristic closet is the answer to any of your bathroom comfort experience and desire.